The Teach for Life: NVC Educators Institute provides educational professionals with practical experience in a beautiful, nurturing retreat environment. Participants learn hands-on processes for facilitating vibrant and compassionate classrooms – places where students, teachers and parents thrive.
Who Should Apply?
Teach for Life! is designed for Pre-K through University-level classroom instructors who know the value of cultivating prosocial behavior in their classroom.
Teach for Life 2019
An immersive curriculum of Nonviolent Communication principles and practices applied to a classroom setting.
July 14 - 19, 2019
This year, camp will be at George Williams College Williams Bay, Wisconsin (on Lake Geneva)
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The Teach for Life Retreat
The 6-day retreat is carefully designed to offer:

A lived experience of co-creating a compassionate learning community.

A structured curriculum, covering foundational Nonviolent
Communication principles, processes and skills.

A network of professional and personal support

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Topics Covered:
The 6-day retreat is carefully designed to offer:
  • Practicing, learning & integrating Nonviolent Communication skills
  • Learning to create a vibrant compassionate classroom
  • Facilitating group agreements that inspire cooperation
  • Navigating conflict successfully
  • Increasing empathy in the classroom
  • Building restorative systems
  • Creating a network for ongoing support
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