The Teach for Life: NVC Educators Institute provides educational professionals with practical experience in a beautiful, nurturing retreat environment. Participants learn hands-on processes for facilitating vibrant and compassionate classrooms – places where students, teachers and parents thrive.
Who Should Apply?
Teach for Life! is designed for Pre-K through University-level classroom instructors who know the value of cultivating prosocial behavior in their classroom.
Teach for Life 2020
2020 Dates Coming Soon
This year, retreat will be at George Williams College Williams Bay, Wisconsin (on Lake Geneva)
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The Teach for Life Retreat
The 6-day retreat is carefully designed to offer:

A lived experience of co-creating a compassionate learning community.

A structured curriculum, covering foundational Nonviolent
Communication principles, processes and skills.

A network of professional and personal support

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Topics Covered:
The 6-day retreat is carefully designed to offer:
  • Practicing, learning & integrating Nonviolent Communication skills
  • Learning to create a vibrant compassionate classroom
  • Facilitating group agreements that inspire cooperation
  • Navigating conflict successfully
  • Increasing empathy in the classroom
  • Building restorative systems
  • Creating a network for ongoing support
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